like scraps of paper
folding themselves into birds
the sea gulls settle

the shimmering light
on the water at sunset
keeps its promises



The City Dreaming Haiku Peter Galen Masseyon the steel blue glass / a hushed jet slips and shivers / the city dreaming

Peter Galen Massey Haiku Joy Is a Bubble

joy is a bubble / a shimmering rainbow world / lighter than the air

Haiku Peter Galen Massey Your Supple Machinebeguiling motion / thrum and fire of my life / your supple machine

Haiku Peter Galen Massey Old Death Deep As An Oceanendless black waters / old death deep as an ocean / bones beneath our feet

The Night Garden Blooms - Jamaica series Haiku Peter Massey

the night garden blooms / with songs lush and bewitching / as any flower

Haiku A Door Massey

when you leave, a door / opens on a room I still / forget is empty

my heart is dark haiku masseymy heart is dark and / dramatic. my body aches / for you. be impressed.

Haiku Peter Galen Massey Practice for the Lastat a certain age / every goodbye starts to be / practice for the last

Haiku "all we are is now" Peter Galen Massey poemsno words but these words / no day but this shining day / all we are is now