Peter Galen Massey Haiku Hungered for Your Smellno one will know how / i walked these rooms and hungered / for your smell like food

Peter Galen Massey Haiku Joy Is a Bubblejoy is a bubble / a shimmering rainbow world / lighter than the air

Haiku Peter Galen Massey The Knife Found My Handthe knife found my hand / and the green park my footsteps / death found her. not me

The City Dreaming Haiku Peter Galen Masseyon the steel blue glass / a hushed jet slips and shivers / the city dreaming

Peter Galen Massey Haiku Snow on Ohioa pen and ink world / beautiful desolation /snow on ohio

Peter Galen Massey Haiku Love Map Worldour love was a map / to a better world. so how / did we wind up here?

Peter Massey Haiku A Corner of Sky a Starthrough the cold branches / in a far corner of sky / a single star shines