why such a hurry / while the coffee comes enjoy / the light on the trees

Peter Galen Massey Haiku 170 History Turned It Backi thought it had turned / the bloody page of history / history turned it back

Haiku 168 Glowing Warm Yellow Day Peter Galen Massey keep this in your heart / this glowing warm yellow day / when it is winter

Haiku Peter Galen Massey Business of Godhis serious face / this roman priest intent on / the business of god

Peter Galen Massey Haiku 169 Clangor Ancient Bellsclatter of dishes / clangor of the ancient bells / soft conversation

Peter Galen Massey Haiku See Me As I Amsee me as i am / every woman has the right / to be beautiful

Haiku Peter Galen Massey Laughter Rise Velvet Evening Sky Delight Moonlet your laughter rise / through the velvet evening sky / and delight the moon