peter massey haiku white silence snowwhite silence falling / soft as dandelion heads / cold as easeful death

tanka peter massey how i dangle hopehow i dangle hope / i laugh and my suede boots click / see, i’ll flirt with you / by telling how i turn down / all the other laughing guys

Peter Galan Massey Tanka Our Clock of Colorsour clock of colors / our tree of the turning year / for now bare grey brown / soon in our eyes and our hearts / apple green and sun yellow

howling words not words but medicinepoets must fight when / the world is going to hell? / our howling words are / not weapons but medicine / for the souls already well

Haiku Peter Galen Massey Parents Pushing Pramsparents pushing prams / taken by their turks, hopeless / and chained to their oars

Peter Galen Massey Tanka At Peace With Timei had forgotten / how quiet evening can be / how a good old place / can have spreading trees that wait / in patience for night, for day / at peace with time and the earth

Haiku Peter Galen Massey Old Death Deep As An Oceanendless black waters / old death deep as an ocean / bones beneath our feet