with a thousand sighs / the storm hushes through the trees / rain begins to fall

haiku poem tinker the old machine peter masseytinker and tinker / the old machine mechanic / one day it wears out

Haiku Peter Galen Massey I Was Taken By The Song Aloneno theory no word / no intent. i was taken / by the song alone

Haiku between particle and wave Peter Masseyon the field of time / between particle and wave / there the soul dances

comes the beast machine / roaring as it massacres / the dandelions

Haiku 173 We The Beautiful Unknowns

we the mysteries / we the beautiful unknowns / even to ourselves

Haiku "all we are is now" Peter Galen Massey poemsno words but these words / no day but this shining day / all we are is now