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I told kiwiskan (she has nice photos of New Zealand) that I would post this Wordle of the Christian Gospels. I used text from the internet that had a RSV feel to it and that looked right with spot-checking, but I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the whole. Here’s the Wordle:

Wordle of the Gospels of the Christian Bible | Peter Galen Massey

That the word “Jesus” really pops was no surprise to me. That the word “one” pops did surprise me. I had to look far harder than I liked to find the word “love”.

At least “hell” does not make an appearance as far as I can tell. That may be a disappointment to more conservative believers. They seem quite keen on the fiery pit, and are always declaring almost everyone is going there, excepting themselves (neat trick, that). I hope they will bear up under the disappointment. The word “evil” makes a small appearance as a consolation.

By the by … Josh at the Cognitive Turn first introduced me to Wordles through a post on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. You can read the post here.

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